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Kitty and Levin would be of the party, and that this might not be obtrusively evident, there would be a girl cousin too, and young Shtcherbatsky, and la piece de resistance among the guests--Sergey Koznishev and Alexey Alexandrovitch.
The piece de resistance in the American political problem.
Doctor's delicacies but the piece de resistance was undoubtedly the big platter of sea trout.
The latter were gorging themselves upon food and, under the very noses of their white masters, preparing the gruesome feast which is the PIECE DE RESISTANCE that follows a victory in which the bodies of their slain enemies fall into their horrid hands.
From a tree which overhung the palisade he looked down into the street where he saw the preparations going on which his experience told him indicated the approach of one of those frightful feasts the piece de resistance of which is human flesh.
"Former top Flat jockey Edward Hide was one of the first through the door and was keen to take a look at our piece de resistance, the Reuben Foundation hydrotherapy pool, while the gym has also been very well received."
The piece de resistance is the brass quintet, Chesapeake, a four-movement work depicting three sailing trips that the composer took from Annapolis to St.
The 17 papers look at objectivity and co-constitution in the natural sciences, the living as a piece de resistance, objectivity and inter-subjectivity in the cultural sciences and humanities, and objectivity and inter-subjectivity in the critical tradition.
For the piece de resistance of his H&M collaboration, Alexander Wang dipped the classic puffer coat in super-reflective 3M technology.
The piece de resistance, though, is the 25ft balcony which leads from this lovely room via a set of French doors.
But Wright''s piece de resistance came in February 2006, ahead of an FA Cup fourth-round tie at Chelsea (pictured).
Then the "piece de resistance" was applied, a black face mask, full of mineral goodness.