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The patriotic meeting and pie supper held at the Walker School proved a most enthusiastic one and splendid results were attained.
The club have a small number of tickets costing PS20 still available for the event which includes a pea and pie supper. For further information please contact Mark Firth on 07792 926414.
Thursday, October 15 Cramlington Village Floral Art Club, AGM with pie and pie supper, Cramlington Community Centre, 7.30pm.
It's a Spanish blend of syrah, cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot and was my sidekick for my cottage pie supper.
Home to Newton Aycliffe first, it's then a steak pie supper in the KGV's newly-trussed up Priory Suite, with ex-Boro favourite Fleming supported by Mark Cowan and Andy Baxter.
TURKEY POT PIE SUPPER: at the First Church, 6 Meetinghill House Road, is Saturday, Jan.
The REA electric bill had to be paid in cash, so the community held a box or pie supper every month to raise money to pay the bill.
I regale him with stories of my spectacular lack of success in publishing stories about theBrownies' pea and pie supper, the play group bun gee jump, theneighbours' 10th weddinganniversary.
been in bed by 11pm, following a shepherd's pie supper. They were woken
But romance only blossomed five years ago after she cooked him a fish pie supper.
supper pie Supper under a crust is an old-fashioned concept enjoying a revival in the West.
A combined patriotic meeting and pie supper will be held at the Walker School, four miles southwest of Du Quoin.