Munchausen by proxy

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Munchaüsen by proxy

n. potestad de Munchaüsen, abuso de la madre o progenitor de causar en el niño-a una enfermedad o exagerar problemas de la enfermedad que no existen.
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Fabricated or Induced Illness may even be more difficult to diagnose because the child is really a victim.
"We accept that we made mistakes in the management of this case which we very much regret, particularly around our analysis of the 241-page forensic assessment provided by the medical expert instructed by all parties to carry out the assessment of the family, in relation to fabricated or induced illness.
'Fabricated or induced illness' is the preferred term and it is very rare - perhaps 50 cases in the UK every year.
It was first recognised in 1977 and is more formally known as fabricated or induced illness.

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